Friday, January 1, 2016

Just because we don't talk anymore.

Just because we don't talk anymore

Doesn't mean i've forgotten abt u, it doesn't
mean that i no longer care.
Truth is i still do. I do my best to check up on u,
to see how u r doing.
To see if u r okay, but everytime i get to urge to
talk to u,
it suddenly hits me that, we're strangers, u dont
want me in ur life,
hence the reason i'm no longer a part of u.
But even though everything's change; i just want u
to know that,
i'm still here. I'll still be here fr u,
i'm still lend u my shoulders and ears.
I don't care what time it is, what im doing.
Don't hesitate to talk to me, because half the time, i
wish that u we're talking to me.
I just miss ur presence, i miss you being my best
friend, i just miss u.

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