Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sucks everything

It hurts to let go,
but sometimes 
it hurts more to 
hold on. 

Yeahhh kill me bitch,

At some point i will realize
tht i hv done too much fr someone,
tht the only next possible step to do is
Leave them alone.
Walk away.
Its not like i giving up
and its not like i shouldn't try
it just tht i hv to draw the line of determination from desperation.
wht is truly my will eventually be my,
and wht is not,
no matter how hard im try,
will never be.

Starting today,
I need to forget wht's gone.
Appreciate wht still remains
and looking forward
to whts coming next.

Roses are red,
Violet are blue,

sincerely me ; xoxo

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